i suppose this would be a debut of sorts.

    when i started development on the untitled utility project (TUUP), i never expected it to garner the support it has today. i made it out of the spite and disdain i have for what computing has become, and it matured to a full-fledged protocol & ecosystem. although a lot of it is still in "stealth mode", it was of the opinion of not only myself, but the three additional co-founders at j-ark innovations to host a sort of event that would not only promote TUUP, but also test several things about it - all having to do with its community. after weeks of prep work, we're doing a hackathon.

the hackathon itself will consist of two parts:

  1. build stage

  2. in the build stage, entrants will have 24 hours to develop their own program adhering to the TUUP protocol.

  3. breach stage

  4. in the breach stage, entrants will have 24 hours to attempt to breach programs made by other users.

    users will be able to sign-up via here, and submit their work to a special board on catterchan. the judge panel will be announced at the start of the hackathon, and it's a hell of a panel. while i won't be a judge myself, i will host a 48-hour livestream (yes, with no naps) during the hackathon. i'll discuss on many topics - from tech & autism, to the inner workings of TUUP.